Charity in the Intergovernmental Council of Road Workers: Purchase of Quality Windows for Schools

For many people living in different times was clear, that state is unable to satisfy all the existing needs of the population. Charity — is the phenomenon associated with the acceptance of this idea and understanding, that people should support each other. It allows transforming society for the better and ensuring that each citizen of a certain country can live in decent conditions. 

This especially applies to the children’s needs, who require our particular attention, and on whom our future depends. Therefore, charity projects of the Intergovernmental Council of Road Workers (ICRW) aim to improve the conditions, in which children from CIS countries study.


Why ICRW Invests in Windows Renovation?

Statistics say that more than 15 thousand Russian schools require major repairs, where it is necessary to pay attention to the windows. Most educational institutions were built 50-60 years ago, and then double wooden frames were installed. At first, they did a good job of protecting against cold and drafts. 

However, the wood gradually cracks, swells, or dries up, so they stop opening with the same ease, the glass breaks, causing drafts, condensation, and mold. All this negatively affects the health of the child. Children’s immunity is still being formed, it is not always able to fully resist fungi, cold, and bacteria, and they are inevitable in buildings that require repair. Most of these problems in schools are solved by plastic windows.


Key Requirements for Installing Windows at School

When installing plastic windows in a school, one needs to ensure that they provide the necessary level of comfort and safety. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the following criteria:

Light transmission

This characteristic is important because it allows creating the classroom environment suitable for successful learning. Plastic windows in schools should be large. PVC frames are capable of providing the required glazing area, which is higher in educational institutions than in residential ones. Spacious window openings are necessary to keep the classroom light because study means an increased load on the eyes. Even the diffused light of a cloudy sky is better than artificial lighting.

Thermal insulation

When renovating a school, plastic windows should eliminate drafts, freezing, and fogging, which are typical for wooden alternatives. This is achieved by installing profiles that ensure complete tightness. It should be comfortable near the windows. It is unacceptable for them to radiate cold. Drafts, lack of heat lead to colds, in addition to children, the teacher also suffers from them, which negatively affects the quality of education.


Plastic windows should be equipped with double-glazed glasses. When choosing a double-glazed window, preference should be given to structures with energy-saving, low-emission, or multifunctional glass. This will help maintain an optimal microclimate and quality soundproofing.


One of the main requirements for plastic windows in schools is safety. Schoolrooms need to be well ventilated. To avoid dangerous situations, the best ventilation option is a fanlight sash. It is easy to open even by primary school students. Another useful option is micro-slot ventilation, which keeps drafts to a minimum. It is not recommended to install frames with wide swing sashes. Alternatively, they should be fitted with locking mechanisms so that children cannot open them on their own. A common security measure is a removable handle. It can be kept by the teacher, who, if necessary, will independently open the windows for ventilation.


Often plastic windows in schools are made of the material in a standard white color. However, the interior of the classroom can be diversified. This is especially useful for primary grades. Glazing with PVC profiles makes it possible to create any design thanks to lamination. Lamination is the gluing of PVC films on the frames. Films give the profile the desired shade or texture. The technology provides strength, durability, ability to withstand sunlight without fading. When choosing a color scheme, the main thing is not to overdo it with brightness. It is enough to order profiles in pastel shades or imitating natural wood.


In Conclusion

The installation of plastic windows in the school, in my opinion, is the right decision. It provides benefits, contributes to the improvement of conditions for obtaining knowledge, maintaining health, and the attractiveness of the building’s exterior. A child will study in a bright, warm, and cozy place with great pleasure. It will be easier for the teacher to do classes when the classroom is warm and no one is sick, and it will be easier for parents to send their children to the renovated school building.

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