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The profession of a window fitter is not for the faint-hearted!

When purchasing a window, you should make sure that it is properly installed. Otherwise, even the most expensive construction from the famous brand will not protect you from trouble: poorly installed windows can let in cold air and noise and malfunction. Their installation is handled by window fitters. It’s a hard, demanding job that has its own nuances that we will talk about in our article.

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The Purpose

The Purpose of an International Motor Rally in Central Asia

Since the mid-2000s, there is a CIS intergovernmental body that unites the representatives of the infrastructure sphere (i.e., road workers), who discuss the common projects and initiatives. In particular, they conduct motor rallies to attract attention to the Central Asian transport corridor as a prospective route for international transportation.  This annual event brings together professionals from the road industry from different countries, as well as representatives of state authorities. Today, we invite you to discuss the idea and benefits of such an event.

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Charity in the Intergovernmental Council of Road Workers: Purchase of Quality Windows for Schools

For many people living in different times was clear, that state is unable to satisfy all the existing needs of the population. Charity — is the phenomenon associated with the acceptance of this idea and understanding, that people should support each other. It allows transforming society for the better and ensuring that each citizen of a certain country can live in decent conditions. 

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Top 5 Challenges for Transport System in Pandemic Times

The global transport and logistics system turned to be one of the most challenged areas as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The negative consequences are based on various factors: the closure of state borders, restrictions on the movement of people and goods, the collapse of supply chains, and a decrease in demand and human purchasing possibilities. The combination of these factors affected all types of transport — from the use of personal and public transport to international logistics.

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Road Workers

Intergovernmental Council of Road Workers: Why Is It Useful for Society?

Transport is the most important component of the industrial and social infrastructure of any country. Railways, sea routes, air corridors, and roads unite all regions of the world, which is a necessary condition for international trade. They connect different nations, being the material basis for ensuring international economic relations.

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